Friday, November 1, 2013

Lifeguard Flags What does it means?

 One of your main job functions as a tender is to speak condition data and warnings to guests at your facility. As you\'ll not be perpetually speaking with every guest, flags can usually be flown to tell them of the present conditions. Since many of us won\'t grasp the which means of the flags, it\'ll be up to you, because the tender on duty, to elucidate it to them. Developed by the u.  s. saving Association, there square measure four main flags that you simply can wish to recollect.

Green: The inexperienced flag shows that the water is all clear and it\'s safe to swim. confine mind that the ocean is unpredictable and conditions will amendment at any time. whereas you\'ll wish to still categorical the necessity for individuals to use caution, a inexperienced flag signifies no at hand danger to anyone.

Blue/Purple: consistent with National Geographic News, the u.  s. averages simply sixteen shark attacks annually. The ocean but, is crammed with various probably dangerous ocean animals. once dangerous marine life is noticed, a blue or purple flag are flown to warn guests. whereas sharks get the worst name, alternative dangerous marine life that you simply can encounter embody jellyfish and faculties of fish that may attract larger predators.

Yellow: once conditions are not utterly ideal, however don\'t seem to be dangerous enough to shut the beach, a yellow iris are flown. this can warn guests that the conditions square measure terribly rough, however don\'t seem to be life threatening. whereas the foremost common reasons for a yellow iris square measure the potential for top surf or dangerous currents and undertows, it\'s going to be for good flown if the situation is close to rocks, incorporates a sudden  drop off, or is in a part that\'s frequented by dangerous marine life. once a yellow iris is flown, it\'s important to encourage guests to use extreme caution.

Red: The red flag is that the most serious flag that may be flown. it\'s wont to warn of the foremost severe hazards that would embody high surf, dangerous undertows, or both. once one red flag is being flown, guests should still swim within the water, however should do therefore exploitation extreme caution. If 2 red flags square measure being displayed it signifies that {the square measurea|the world|the realm} is closed for swimming because the conditions are too dangerous. usually once 2 flags square measure flown, the highest red flag can have a logo of a swimmer with a reference point through it. Any time the red flags square measure brought out, you\'ll wish to get on high alert.

While many alternative regions and locations produce other flags, these four flags square measure usually used universally. you want to keep in mind that the flags don\'t seem to be a substitute for verbal communication. because the tender on duty, you\'ll wish to use the flags to your advantage to assist you communicate potential dangers to guests and to organize, mentally, for any hazards that will exist. If used properly, you\'ll profit greatly from exploitation the flags.


  1. The meanings of the flag colors is very good information to know, but the best tip is to never substitute the flags for good verbal communication. Verbal communication is key!

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